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Sarah Long on Last of llandarcy
This is beautiful! I love it. x

Joanne Nolan on Daddy
Just more wrinkly

Ana Lúcia on Last of llandarcy
Simply stunning image!

Diego de Soto on Last leaves
Great hues and contrasts.

Diego de Soto on Waiting for the bus
Great hues of dusk/morning. Like the angles and contrasts too.

Kate Nolan on Dusk
Thanks. It was a beautiful evening!

Mirko Herzner on Dusk
Minimalist image with (or without? ;-) ) wonderful light...

elisa K Foshay on Daddy
Yer dad! Love it! He looks just the same :)

Scott Young on Sarah

thami on Sarah
Une femme qui a de la veine ! Bonne fin de semaine lumineuse!

mirela on Sarah
wow, looks pretty much like my hand! appreciate your originality!

Diego de Soto on Aquarium
Great mood. Feel like I'm in the water too. Hurray for dissertation procrastination!

KayLynn Deveney on Aquarium
Hey Kate, I looked at all the images. I think this is great. Keep going! Thanks for sending the link. Hope all is well ...

bartek on Aquarium
hey! really like this one, painting alike. i have seen holly shooting aquarium in similar manner, but her work is ...

Jor on Aquarium
Thats beautiful. I like "corner" as well.

eric on New Friends?
very good black and white street shot, superb

Florian on Umbrella Man
Excellent ! I love the surrealistic situation of this one !

zsele on Beach 3
little bit sick, but i love it!

zsele on Croatian tourists
hehe! LOL!

Dimitrios on Hungry Bear
Moody gray weather atmosphere, cute frame

Darina on Corner
The building looks translucent - it's quite surreal. It looks like it's made of paper. Love the colour. ...

sean on The Swimming Horse
welcome back!

sean on Down the Liffey

veerendra on Beach 3
good capture kate !

eydryan on Corner
really really nice. i can't really put my finger on it but something in this photo is really great. anyway, the ...

Viewfinder on Frosty Grass
It's 5 o'clock somewhere. Cool.

DaveB on Waterslide
Is this at the old waterpark around Dun Laoighre / Bray? Memories!

DaveB on Beach
Looks like a watercolour! Very nice!

Brian on Beach 3
Lovely, almost abstract, image. Nice framing and processing!

Viewfinder on Beach 3
There's something surreal to this one. I like it.

Line on Beach 3
The subject very interesting. The beautiful image.

ColNed Pictures on Beach 3
Lovely the abstract aspect in this shot the colors are great

ROLANDs on My Neigbourhood 3
very good picture i like.

ROLANDs on Dark Day 2
very nice ! and good bw

Bron on Beach 2
Very good use of texture and b/w Kate!

Ralf Kesper on Beach 2
This is a very interessting shot. BW is here verygood.

Calcifer on Vent
Cool processing. I like the softness and the hint of grain. Well done.

colinjones25 on My Neigbourhood 1

colinjones25 on New Friends?

Alfredo J. Martiz J. on Nailed
Great Abstract!

Laurent on Frosty Morning
I like this shot. Great light and lovely clouds Was there a little cat too on the grass ? Have a good day

Viewfinder on Nailed
Nice bw macro work. I like this.

kairospix on Centre Line
wow it looks like the center line of a road or something like that right? nice shot

Rahul on Centre Line
This is an awesome experiment with DoF. FANTASTIC!!!!

Viewfinder on Out My Window
Moody image; excellent camera work Kate. Keep 'em coming.

Soph on Out My Window
brrrr it looks scary! I hope that storm will not arrive upon our heads in belgium!

Rahul on Out My Window
Wow kate, this is awesome shot from behind the glass. Dramatic sky and wonderfully processed. BRAVO!!!!

stijn on Tree
hey looks cool ... nice b&w shot

Mara Magyarosi on Fruits of my loins
Beautiful abstract image. I love the grey tones!

C2 Studios on Tree
i like the sun coming thru the clouds onto the tree very nice

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